"History of the Brand"

If you come from a half-century old tradition; Your story begins with curious eyes watching their fathers in the carpentry shop, drinking tea at lunch breaks and listening to the flawless secrets of wood craftsmanship hidden in conversations. Our adventure, which started half a century ago in a modest workshop in 1953, was reshaped with a modernized design and production approach as Need Design as of 2004, and as of 2006, it has turned into a giant organization in which modern, luxury home furniture, wood projects and metal projects are produced in an integrated wood production facility.

"About us"

Transforming from a small carpentry shop into a constantly renewed large business tells the story of Need Furniture. Need Design, born of many years of experience; stepped into the sector with home furnishings and in a short time entered into a noticeable separation from other stakeholders in the market.
Need registered its trademark in 2004, thanks to the collections that he created with his knowledge and interest in wood veneer. With the transition to the integrated facility period, it gained great momentum and entered this period in 2016. With its knowledge, skill, perspective and experience, Need Furniture offers the value it attaches to crafts with a modern furniture understanding.


Need Furniture fills the original furniture concept with experiences coming from its roots. Exporting to 30 countries, the brand also attaches great importance to hand workmanship. Need wants to be the one piece that is unique in the home in every product it offers to its buyer. Need Furniture, the name of modern and functional furniture that speaks to the time, draws attention with its product quality. Taking care of using stainless steel, the brand offers value with its ergonomic and aesthetic products.


Need Furniture aims to create a better daily life for its buyer. The place that best describes the flow of daily life is the interior of a house. Need Furniture produces to make daily life more meaningful. In addition, it aims to progress in an institutional line and to maintain quality production and carry it to an even higher level.
Using every detail that supports its strong image correctly, Need aims to create a new life for those concerned by continuing its timeless innovations.